Guest Blog: Saving During Maternity Leave

As a mother of two, and being self employed, I have found it sometimes quite challenging to make ends meet. On the bright side, the following tips have helped me come out of tough times on top!

#1: Baby Shower

Ask and you shall receive! So… ask for necessities like diapers, clothes, and especially GIFT cards… You don’t know what kind of baby you will have so you can buy stuff as you go and not spend money on things you won’t use. You can also do a 50/50 draw by asking people to pick the baby’s birthday, fun way to make a little extra money which people are happy to do as they may have 50% of the money!!…everyone wins

#2 Ontario Child Benefit

Apply for the Ontario child benefit right away. Most people end up putting it aside for RESP or The Headstart Plan, but you might need to use some for the additional baby expenses.

#3 Accept Help

Accept grandma’s help for babysitting so you go out and you don’t have to pay for babysitting!

#4 Moms Support Moms

Trade with other moms…parents are so generous and they are mostly always happy to get rid of toys or other baby gear, you just need to ask!

Social media is amazing place to start asking!! Go try it – it’s fun!

Pro Tip: Try typing in a buy and sell for moms in your area on Facebook

#5- Side Hustle!

Start a little side business if things are really tight – might be a good timing to do what you are really passionate about – go for it! You may never return to work!

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About The Author

Melanie is the founder of the Assured Boutique and has been in the insurance and benefits industry for the past eight years.

She works tirelessly to take the financial stress off the shoulders of her clients by empowering them to put a plan in place. This ensures that they have the freedom of CHOICE & TIME no matter what life throws their way.

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