Partner Massage

Okay, we all LOVE the relaxing couples massage every spa/getaway offers… you know the one: Soft music, low lights, maybe a few candles and of course ocean sounds, maybe a hot towel at the end too! This is time together for romance, relaxation and pure bliss.

We often get asked if we ONLY work with mamas. The short answer, no! We work with papas and partners of every orientation. We do our “couples” massage a little bit different. Mama Mobile Massage was created for functionality, for REAL life.

As nice as it would be to sneak off to Ste. Anne’s for the evening we know you have two little twin toddlers in bed upstairs or a newborn who won’t stop breastfeeding. This spa experience, this leave it all behind day isn't impossible but it is hard to become a regular occurrence. First you need to find a sitter, pump enough milk and get the time off work etc. etc. are you exhausted already thinking of the logistics?

Mama Mobile Massage is all about relaxation but we are also about functionality. We are all about making things work for your busy life. We are all about making it easy to get a regular massage- zero planning required. Here’s the thing, if you wait for that amazing getaway weekend or trip to the spa you may be waiting a LONG TIME!

We believe that TLC shouldn’t require a special occasion, it should be taken advantage of on a monthly basis. You both work so hard doing this parenting thing, don’t let your own self care fall to the wayside.

Here is how our couples massage works:

Step 1) Book online (Heck yes, you don’t even need to talk to another human to do this)

Step 2) Fill our our intake forms- online in less than 5 minutes

Step 3) On the day/time of your appointment and expert RMT will arrive at your door with all of the essentials for a spa-like experience in your living room, basement, wherever you please

Step 4) Partner 1 takes baby duty while partner 2 gets a massage! SWITCH

Why we do our couples massage this way

1) Lower cost- Since our RMT is only travelling once you can save $5 on each massage=more massages/year

2) You can tag team the kids to bed- Most of our duo massages are booked at 8 & 9pm. When your RMT leaves you are both super relaxed and have a little bit of alone time before bed!

3) Your partner gets TLC too. We are a company focused on mamas, we do this so that we can always be experts in whichever stage of mama-hood that you are currently in. This doesn’t mean that we don’t care about your partner and this is why we want to give them an opportunity to enjoy our services too!


$105 Each + HST
1 hour each back to back (Not including set up/take down time)
Insurance receipts provided post massage
All RMT’s are trained in sports/deep tissue massage

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