Mama's Mindful Minutes

With to do lists, a constant influx of emails/text messages and managing small humans it is hard to imagine life without stress. We are all waiting for the weekend or a vacation to have a little more time to give back to ourselves again. For most people it is only after a break from their day to day lives that they feel rejuvenated again. 

Moms are in a unique situation where they not only have the crushing pressure of their personal lives but they also have the responsibility of keeping their children alive. (You got this!) So much time and energy is spent in a selfless flow of making sure those around them are sound that suddenly personal time is no longer a priority but now a mere indulgence.

Why Meditate?

When we begin to move from one task to the next without a chance to gather our thoughts we often begin to feel a little big foggy. This can make us forgetful, irritated and frustrated at how difficult it is to find extra time in the day to focus on ourselves. What you may feel now as overwhelm has a funny way of leading to a more general feeling of stress if left unattended.

The easiest way to reverse this is through mediation. Is your mind already racing? I get it...  you don’t the time to head over to lululmemon to grab the latest meditation outfit and the perfect pillow to sit on. SLOW DOWN. All you need is 5 minutes and your beautiful self.

Meditation is like a shower clearing away all negative thoughts and emotions and giving you a refocused perspective. There is a big shift you will notice in your mental state over time. It feels as thought you move from a state of existance (going through motions) to observation (feeling moments as they are happening) This concept is called mindfulness and is one of the best outcomes of mediataion.

We already have established that time isn’t on your side but luckily meditation has the ability to clear the fog you have been existing under. Through this daily practice in you will begin to notice life losing it's sense of urgency. You will begin to approach situations from a calmer state allowing you to feel more in control of outcomes. You will even see little loopholes of time for YOU that you couldn't when you were trapt under the crushing thoughts of your mind.

Are you excited yet? Let’s start! 

The How To:

Set a timer for 5 minutes (You can increase this over time)

Pull up a pillow (whatever damn pillow you can find)

Close your eyes and begin to breath

Let all the thoughts go from your mind and focus on the feeling of the breath going in expanding your chest and out, freeing your body.

Try counting your breaths (In- 1, out-2 etc up to 10)

Every time your mind wanders bring it back to the breath

.... That’s it! You just freaking meditated. 

Let us know how becoming more mindful improves your life. Test out other methods of meditation and find what works best for you!

Sarah Rennick