Making The Most of Nap-Time!

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Mama Mobile created a secret weapon... Nap-Time Massage! If you are a busy mama on maternity leave with little to no help during the daytime this one's for you. We are SO happy you found us. 

Let us first establish and take a moment for our non-mama readers to understand how difficult it can be to leave the house with a baby under 12 months.

It is so wonderful that some clinics & spas allow you to actually bring your babe to your Massage appointment. Maybe this has been working for you just fine (Keep going then mama!!) But maybe it has seemed like more of a problem in your mind than a luxury...

Let me explain. There may be a mama stress battle going on inside your head before you leave the house to go to your scheduled appointment that goes a little something like this..

"Okay if I feed him now we will be okay until..."
"What might I need today.. "
"How many diapers do I need... oh crap I forgot the baby wipes. Hopefully they have a place to change him"
"Have I showered today?"

"I hope she sleeps.. oh my gosh what if she FREAKS OUT. I'll have to leave" 
"I wonder if I can find parking"
"This doesn't feel like a relaxing experience"

And Then... 

"Maybe I should cancel the appointent"

*Insert gasp here*

Do you want to know how we know this story oh so well? We have heard it time and time again from our new mamas'. In fact, we created the Nap-Time Massage based soley on the experiences our mamas shared with us and things we had seen when working in these clinics/spas.

We created this business model to make your life just a little bit easier and to give you an option to enjoy something just for you. Our goal is to help erase every single one of those worries from your beautiful mind so you can focus on relaxing. (We realize that right now everyone/everything in your life is centred around your baby but, we want to focus on you. We are here to give you the Massage you deserve and we are not leaving until you get it!) 

How we make everything amazing

*Insert deep breath here*

Guess what? We actually schedule an extra 30 minutes as a grace period after your appointment at absolutely no extra cost. This means that you can take breaks during your Massage and still get your full scheduled hands on time on the table no matter what your sneaky little babe throws your way. (And we know just how sneaky he can be)

We typically try to schedule the appointment on a nap time. We always hope that your baby will nap for most of the Massage. Sometimes baby awakes 30 minutes in, in  need of a quick feed or diaper change. Other times when the baby is extra fussy he may need a position change.

Here are some things we have tried in the past with great results:

Baby swing or rocker
Etc. Any place your baby can chill out- this can take a few tries to find her happy place!

Please note we wouldn't suggest these things if they didn't work. By not being in a rush we are able to pivot our approach to fit your needs on that specific day and to make this experience as relaxing as it can be.



Co-Baby Massage

Okay. The exersaucer is a nice idea but what if my baby just really won’t calm the F down?

It is rare but it happens, mama. We have tried everything and sometimes the temper tantrum is still a 10 on the baby rage scale. We have a solution because it has happened once or twice... Co-Baby Massage.

Yes, you guessed it Massage with your baby! (This isn't a baby Massage this is still YOU time)

What Does This Look Like?

We typically will have you lay on your side facing your baby with both of you tucked under our super soft sheets.

Usually, this is the best position for a sassy babe who just wants his mama. In this position, you can easily breastfeed and have a little snuggle while still experiencing your amazing Massage.

The best part? We don't care or judge! You aren't disturbing another person getting a Massage in a room nearby and we have seen it/heard it all. Our main focus is on you mama and making sure this can be as seamless as possible for you. 

Drop Your Excuses Mama

Can we remember for just a minute that your body recently housed a little human? Ever since that day you have been carrying around this little bundle of weighted joy all day in some pretty awkward carrying positions... all while being slightly sleep deprived. (There is a reason your back is so darn sore!)

Your body has been through labour and back. You now rarely have time for yourself if any at all.

 We want to give you just a piece of that time back. We want you to feel just a little bit better. We think you are doing an amazing job and please know that taking time for yourself is not selfish. By refilling your own cup, you will have more water to pour into the cups of those you love. So take 60 or 90 minutes and book your Massage, this is you permission slip.




Sarah Rennick