Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a physical location?

Nah, we come to you mama! We want to make this experience as seamless as possible- we took out all steps: Driving, finding childcare, putting on pants- you know.

Is this covered by insurance benefits?

Yes! We are a team of Registered Massage Therapists (RMT’s for short) This means that we are part of most services covered by your insurance benefit plan in Ontario.

Not sure if you are covered? Ask your provider. Your policy may require a doctors note to claim services, they will fill you in!

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. Although we want to make life as easy as possible for our mamas our RMT’s also only are able to see limited mamas per day because of the extra time we schedule! We typically have a long waiting list and can fill your space but need a little notice, you know?

You can cancel and reschedule online. If you are close to labour we may be a little bit more understanding, just let us know on booking and we can reschedule till baby is in your arms if need be.

Do you have that pregnancy pillow?

OMG so glad you asked. YES. We have special pillowing that supports not only that precious bump of yours but all of the joints, ligaments and muscles surrounding it! Did we mention…all of our RMT’s are prenatal massage experts? We will be sure to only put you in this position if it is 100% safe for your specific pregnancy. We have loads of alternative solutions for your comfort if this isn’t the ideal position for you today. Rest easy knowing we got your bump’.

My boobs are leaky

Mama, believe us when we say this is totally normal! Don’t worry about leaking. We will always be sure to provide a position that supports tender breasts for your comfort. We also bring along all supplies to clean up our tables post massage so don’t worry about any leaks, just relax!

Do you offer direct billing?

No, we do not offer direct billing however, we are covered if you have massage coverage in your insurance benefit plan. We offer online payment through any major credit card or American Express! (You can use your corporate card if you have one) You will be emailed an insurance receipt within 24 hours following your massage to submit for reimbursement from your provider.

How do I book?

We have online booking so that our busy mamas can book anytime, anywhere! Baby in one arm, cellphone in the other you know the drill.
You will simply go to your main page and click book now… or just click me if you don't want to turn back around. You will see a list of locations in our online system, find the one that best describes your area and book using that schedule! If you can’t find a time slot that works for you or the area in which you live please shoot us an email and we will help you out mama!

How do I pay?

When you book online a window will pop up for you to pay for your massage- simply add in your favourite card and get ready for your massage mama! You will be able to pay via any major method of payment. Within 24 hours following your massage you will be sent an insurance receipt.

Will I receive an insurance receipt?

Heck yes mama! Within 24 hours following your massage you will be emailed an insurance receipt. Please note that your file is updated with the correct name that you wish to appear on it.

What do I do with baby during my massage?

Did you know… we created our services around the idea of allowing mamas who are alone during the day with baby to be able to receive Massage Therapy too? We actually schedule an extra 30 minutes with EVERY postnatal mama appointment. This way you don’t have to worry about the expected, unexpected.. you know diaper changes, last minute feedings- the works. You can rest easy knowing that we are here to make sure you will receive a massage for the amount of time you booked, no matter what!

Do you massage papas too?

Although we focus on mamas we do in fact massage papas too! We actually created a special option so that we can let them experience some TLC too. On our schedule this option is called “mama/papa” We do not offer couple massages simultaneously. Like everything we do, our mama/papa massages are a little bit unconventional. We provide each of you with either a 60 or 90 minute individual massage back to back. The idea behind this is that you will be able to tag team the kids to bed! Since our RMT is only travelling once this treatment option is ALWAYS discounted. This gives our mamas a little way to save some $$$.

When will you come to my area?

We are a growing fam mama! We hope to be in all cities throughout Canada in due time. If you really want to see us in your city please let us know and we will work on speeding up that process!

Do you offer group massages for mama friends?

We do! We have worked with mama’s who meet up on a weekly basis. We typically provide 30 minute mini massages with one mama at a time while other mamas visit and have a lil’ playdate with the babes. Please email us for more info and pricing If you have over 4 mamas we will send multiple RMT’s.

Do you have gift certificates?

We are a common gift (We are so flattered) We love being part of your special moments and to see our message of self care for the busy mama spread throughout your circles.

To purchase you will simply click the following link (Yeah that one)

Once you click the little link above it will bring you to a page that allows you to select the appropriate style/time length of gift certificate. You will actually be able to pay for this online and select the date you wish it to be sent on! Your fave mama will be able to redeem whenever she is desperate for that touch of TLC!

Where are your prices?

Ready to talk dollas’?! Check out our main page- you will see our “A La Carté” listings. When you click on our online schedule you will also see a full list of services with prices. Click here to book online/see prices

Career Info

We are currently on the hunt for amazing RMT’s passionate about prenatal and postnatal Massage Therapy. We are growing across Canada, we may even be looking in your very neighbourhood!

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