Prenatal mama?

Wanna lay on your bump? Want an expert RMT?

Enjoy our secret contoured belly pillows and pregnancy massage by one of our specially trained RMT’s. Ease swelling and muscle/joint pain and prepare your bod for a more comfortable delivery!


postnatal/busy mama?

Achy? We know ALL the techniques and areas to focus on to make you feel like super mom. Enjoy our special pillows that keep your sore breasts from getting squished.

PS… Enjoy extra time above what you booked to check on baby, etc. etc. (We get it.. #stuffhappens)



Let’s be real, both partners deserve TLC. Tag team together to get the little ones to bed while your better half gets massaged in peace. No ifs, fomo or fights about it.

Ooo also enjoy our discounted couples rates!