Infant Massage 101- Full Body Routine!

1) Wait at least 30 minutes after a feeding to start this Massage
2) Try to perform these techniques when your baby is in a quite/relaxed state
3) Always stop if baby becomes fussy
4) You do not need to complete all moves in the routine every time
5) Use any edible cooking oil or lotion that you already enjoy

Start with tiny circles using the fleshy part of your thumb

Perform 3-5 circles at the heel, middle of the foot and top of the foot Gently pull up on each toe

Start with a flat palm and relaxed fingers. Perform broad circle strokes on the lower inner leg (3-5x) and upper inner thigh (3-5x)

Gently squeeze the bottom lower leg and top upper leg Repeat routine on outside of leg
*Avoid knee area!


Repeat same technique as for the legs!

With both thumbs together in palm gently spread apart

Perform this same protocol on the top of hand.

Gently massage up on each finger


Starting at the top of the ribs with a flat palm pull hand across chest to opposite side. Repeat in an X motion


Pick baby up or flip onto tummy (if appropriate for age)

On one side of the spine with two fingers gently make 3-5 circles and inch upwards towards head.

Repeat on other side!

With a flat palm gently stroking back towards bum


With a flat hand make 3-5 broad circles over bum!'




With flat hands gently stroke from bottom rib to diaper 3-5 x

Write here…



With thumbs together under ribs and hands flat, gently pull hands apart


I LOVE U technique- Follow the diagram. Do each stroke 3-5x individually and then complete the whole cycle 3-5 times consecutively

Finish the abdominal massage with the waterfall techniques and some movements on the legs. (Grab heels and bicycle knees to chest)