Patricia MacNeil

Perinatal Massage Expert

Main Areas: Main Areas: All major areas of Ottawa (Kanata, Old Ottawa South, Alta Vista, Downtown, Westboro, Stittsville, Barrhaven)

Patricia is a Registered Massage Therapist in practice since 1986.
A member of the Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario (RMTAO); she brings a vast array of experience and training to her perinatal massage therapy care. Patricia designed and supervised pre and perinatal and newborn massage therapy training programs for 5 massage therapy colleges in the Ottawa area. These internships were held at the Civic and General campuses of the Ottawa Hospital system for 15 years.

Her perinatal massage training includes certifications with Trimesters Massage Therapy Education; Carole Osborne-Sheets, author of Pre and perinatal Massage Therapy; Myofascial Release for the post surgical patient; and, certification in Scar treatment.

Patricia is passionate about the benefits of early cranial sacral and massage therapy treatment for newborns and toddlers and their effects on bonding and attachment. She has given numerous courses in newborn and paediatric massage and holds certificates in Cranial Sacral Therapy and The Rice Infant Sensorimotor Stimulation Technique for newborns in clinical settings.

Patricia is happy to be a member of Mama Mobile Massage Therapy. Her mission: happy mums, partners and babies at every stage of gestation and birth translate into positive bonding, attachment and wholesome family units.
An avid hiker, she enjoys reading, spending time with her standard poodle Sophie, and ….. Laughter!

Photo is from our interview on CTV where Patricia shared her array of knowledge in the importance of prenatal Massage Therapy (Middle)

Amey McGurk

Main Areas: Main Areas: All major areas of Ottawa (Kanata, Old Ottawa South, Alta Vista, Downtown, Westboro, Stittsville, Barrhaven)

Amey graduated from the International Academy of Massage in Ottawa. Since graduating she has worked in fast paced sports clinics and zen spa settings. This ultimately led to her Massage Therapy style becoming the perfect blend of relaxation and deep tissue work.

While in both settings she witnessed pre- and post-natal mamas working around busy schedules struggling to find time to take care of themselves. Amey was ecstatic to find a solution for them in Mama Mobile and is excited to alleviate the stress and exhaustion from the equation for moms-to-be and new moms.

Amey takes great pride in taking care of others and will do everything in her power to make your experience relaxing, comfortable and informative. Amey is a life-time learner, routinely taking courses to broaden and expand her knowledge as an RMT.

Her newest skill? Cupping therapy. Cupping therapy not only helps with releasing fascia but aids with blood circulation, swelling and diastasis recti. You can rest assured you are in great hands with Amey!


Stevie-lynn Farrell


Main Areas: Main Areas: All major areas of Ottawa (Kanata, Old Ottawa South, Alta Vista, Downtown, Westboro, Stittsville, Barrhaven)

Stevie-lynn grew up in the country, 45 minutes South of Ottawa in a place called Oxford Station. She got her name from her creative parents, Steve and Lynn! Stevie received her first massage in October 2016 as an introduction when she was hired as a receptionist in a massage clinic. This experience was uplifting and eye-opening and brought her total body awareness. She knew this was something she wanted to learn and began her studies just a few months after.

Stevie is trained in Swedish Massage variations, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Joint Mobilizations, PNF (Passive stretching), Friction Therapy, Movement Therapy (Range of Motion), Lymphatic Drainage, Breast Massage, Remedial Exercise, Stretching and Strengthening Exercises, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, and Prenatal Massage.

Stevie worked with one special Mama for a 9-week duration during her school’s pregnancy massage clinic. Both Stevie and Mama’s experiences were so amazing, they worked together after clinic had ended, up until delivery! Stevie got to meet baby, and even continued to treat Mama postnatal. This fulfilling practice inspired her to continue to work alongside all Mama’s providing them with comfort and tension relief during this delicate time.

Stevie has knowledge in treating soft tissue and repetitive strain injuries, upper and lower motor neuron lesions, and different types of systemic and local conditions.

Stevie is energetic, friendly, empathetic to her clients, and strives to provide therapeutic and relaxing treatments to best meet her clients needs of health and well-being, both physically and mentally.

Stevie loves to keep active at the gym, travel, laugh, and to spend quality time with her family and friends whenever she can.