I’m so happy I found mama mobile. This is an amazing service for any parent who feels that they cannot take time out of their busy schedules to take care of themselves, and who would appreciate maintaining their health from within the comfort of their home.”
— Melanine (Postnatal Mama!)
Being on bedrest and 37 weeks pregnant I was dying for some sort of relaxation, but not being able to leave the house made me feeling that would be impossible. It was amazing to have this service brought to my own home. I look forward to hopefully having one more massage before baby arrives if not I will definitely be booking one for post baby.
— Melanie (Prenatal Mama... Now Postnatal Mama!)
I sent Hubby & baby upstairs, dog flaked out on the couch, and closed the curtains. Once my body was on the massage table, I was transported. She had the spa music, comfortable blankets, and gave me an incredible massage. I soon forgot the pile of clean laundry I had forgotten on the chair, and that I was surrounded by my son’s toys, and my hip which has been bugging me since I gave birth feels so much better already.
— Monique (Postnatal Mama)
Great to be at home after kids are in bed. I am definitely going to re-book in the future. Highly recommended!
— Kristin (Busy Mama!)